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What about the refrigerator?

August 15, 2017

When you sell your home, generally fixtures are considered real property and are included in the sale. Fixtures are anything permanently attached to the property, from a $1.00 paper towel dispenser screwed into a cabinet to a $1,000 light fixture. What about a flat screen TV, is that a fixture? New technology always keeps us on our toes. Worry not, you can take the TV, but leave the bracket, since it is bolted to the wall, it is considered a fixture.

Many sellers choose to include personal property with the sale such as the washer and dryer, stove or refrigerator. Often, the buyer will include some of these items in their offer. For some reason the refrigerator is a real sticking point. Sellers, especially men want to take it with them. I suspect it’s because of all the yummy things that come out of it like cold pizza.

So they counter something like this, ‘Heck no you are not keeping my fridge, go buy your own’. Of course the agent doesn’t say it quite like that. Then they go replacement home shopping and they discover the new house has a refrigerator or they realize the old one will not match the new appliances. Or they realize that it is going to take three men and a boy to move the beast. So they tell buyer they can keep the refrigerator after all. But by that time, the buyer has made other arrangements and they don’t want it any more and inform the seller it must be removed. So now the seller is in a pickle and has another project to take care of in addition to packing, cleaning and moving. Now he has to find a home for the old refrigerator.

My advise to sellers is include the refrigerator with the sale right from the start and treat yourself to a fancy new one. You will have a lot less headaches, your appliances will match and you will probably end up saving on the electric bill since they new models are much more energy efficient.

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Stay tuned: next week’s column is on funny mountain real estate terms.