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Heart Rock Falls Trail in Crestline’s Valley of Enchantment

November 8, 2017

Landscape of waterfall for background

Hit the trails and fall in love at Heart Rock Falls in Crestline’s Valley of Enchantment! Located in the Valley of Enchantment, Heart Rock Falls is one of Crestline’s most treasured natural wonders. Originally known as Seeley Creek Falls, this scenic destination features a 25-foot waterfall which isn’t exactly the star of the show – it’s the near-flawless heart-shaped depression right next to the falls which is the main draw.

The unique heart-shaped depression is said to have been created by a pair of whirlpools that carved deep into the bedrock with rushing water, which might have flowed through continuously at some point in time. In any case, it’s this one-of-a-kind feature which makes this place worth visiting; the universal symbol of love designed by the very powers of Mother Nature.

Driving to the trail

From the I-605 or I-210 junction (about 25 miles northeast of downtown LA), head east on the 210 Freeway and exit at Hwy 18, which is located about ¾ mile east of the junction. On Hwy 18, drive north towards Crestline, and look out for the junction connecting Hwy 18 and 138, which you’ll find just past an overhead bridge.

Look for the exit on your right for Hwy 138, and continue north for about 2.5 miles. You’ll be driving through Crestline’s western outskirts and the Valley of Enchantment at this point. North of the town you’ll be able to find Camp Seeley, which has a well-marked entrance.

Just past Camp Seeley’s private parking area, look out for a narrow road on your left which will take you to a concrete ford over Seeley Creek. This is where you’ll be able to find the trailhead.

Hiking at Heart Rock

The hike to Heart Rock is a relaxing 1.7-mile roundtrip alongside a creek which meanders through the forest. The trail is good for all skill levels, and is used year-round for hiking, walking, sightseeing, and bird watching.

To start your journey, look for an open lot just across the creek from Camp Seeley. From here, you can follow an already established footpath that will lead you beyond the outer edges of the camp property. Once you pass by a swimming pool near the camp’s boundary, the footpath will lead to the actual trail.

The main trail follows Seeley Creek downstream – the hike to Heart Rock is considered an “upside down” hike, but visitors will hardly notice the slight elevation loss. It’s also covered by canopy of trees and plenty of foliage, making it a picturesque trip from start to finish.

Reaching the overlook ledge

Exercise caution once you reach the overlook ledge itself, as it is really narrow. Don’t risk it if you’re taking photos, as it might be too tempting to head further out towards the drop-offs just so you can get a nicer shot. You can, however, explore the different areas and climb some rocks around the path to get a better view of the heart and the waterfall together.

If you want to get to the heart-shaped depression itself, again be careful as the granite can be quite smooth and slippery, so try to avoid any accidents.